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Maintenance tips for Huawei LCD screen

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Maintenance tips for Huawei LCD screen
LCD screen damage has become a major hardware problem of electronic equipment. Since accidents are inevitable, you can always seek official assistance for your hacked Huawei devices.
How much does it cost to replace the LCD screen?
Although the replacement of the Huawei LCD Screen is not covered by the general warranty of the product, if you purchased Huawei services and your warranty qualification is still valid, you can repair the damaged LCD Screen at Huawei Authorized Service Center for free. You can refer to Huawei's warranty policy to check the warranty date of your mobile phone
The repair price for a damaged Huawei LCD Screen outside the warranty period may vary depending on the model of your Huawei smartphone or tablet. It is recommended that you check the price of spare parts from the original Huawei, choose your specific equipment model, and check how much money is needed to get the new Huawei LCD Screen.
How to replace the broken Huawei LCD screen
HUAWEI Authorized Service Center provides you with high-standard LCD SCREEN repair and replacement services in various places. Of course, if Huawei's authorized service center is far away from you, you can also buy Huawei LCD Screen from the Internet to replace it.
If you need to repair Huawei LCD Screen, it is recommended that you take the device to the nearest Huawei Authorized Service Center, where you can meet face-to-face with Huawei technicians and get professional advice and on-site diagnosis. Before you visit, you can make an appointment in advance without having to wait in line.
How to prevent Huawei LCD Screen from cracking
• Keep your phone in the case
Using a protective case, preferably a hard one can effectively reduce the risk of Huawei LCD screen cracking in the event of any accident. However, it is recommended to choose materials that do not affect the heat dissipation of the equipment.
• Install LCD SCREEN protective film
LCD Screen Protective Mask is designed to protect your LCD screen from smudges, scratches and small cracks. Although there are a variety of LCD Screen Protective Files available on the market, we still recommend that you install Huawei's official LCD Screen Protective Files for your phones and tablets. You can also go to Huawei Authorized Service Center for help.
• Avoid placing equipment with sharp objects
Smartphones and tablets are fragile devices, and their components can be easily damaged by heavier objects. Therefore, keeping your phone in a secure place to avoid any falling or being crushed is the best way to avoid cracking the Huawei LCD Screen.
Expert Huawei LCD Screen Replacement
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