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Advanced functional materials: 2D mxenes modulated by surface control and interlayer Engineering: method, performance and synchrotron radiation characterization

wallpapers News 2020-11-28
As a new kind of layered transition metal carbides / nitrides

mxenes have attracted extensive attention in many fields such as electrochemical energy storage / conversion photocatalysis / electrocatalysis etc. based on their excellent properties. In fact the structure properties of mxenes can be highly tunable by controlling the surface modification interlayer structure. Based on this characteristic mxenes have made remarkable progress in the corresponding fields. In addition the investigation of the intrinsic relationship between the structure change the performance of mxenes has attracted the attention of researchers. The synchrotron radiation source with the title of "magic light" opens a window for the structural characterization of mxenes. The synchrotron radiation spectroscopy characterization shows great potential in exploring the causal relationship between the properties structures of mxenes especially in-situ X-ray technology The dynamic working process of mxenes energy materials provides strong support.

rely on the synchrotron radiation facility. Professor Song Li's research group of China University of science technology has accumulated rich experience in the field of functional nanomaterials their X-ray research. According to the research progress in the field of mxenes in recent years they summarized the commonly used synthesis methods of mxenes discussed the influence of surface functional groups interlayer control on the structure performance of mxenes from theoretical calculation experiment emphatically summarized the applicability necessity of including non in situ / in situ synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopy in the study of the structure dynamic energy storage mechanism of mxenes. Among them F-containing etchant is still the most important method for the preparation of mxenes electrochemical method high temperature concentrated alkali hydrothermal method Lewis acid method are also gradually developed. Different surface groups ion / small molecule intercalations have significant effects on the electronic structure interlayer structure energy applications including supercapacitors batteries electrocatalysis of mxenes. Synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopy provides an important means to study the structure of mxenes. The near edge extended edge absorption spectra of synchrotron radiation are sensitive to the oxidation state local structure of transition metal atoms in mxenes. Soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy has good applicability for the study of the electronic structure of mxenes surface groups. The in-situ in-situ absorption spectra can be used to study the junction of mxenes Structural change its dynamic mechanism in various applications. At the same time they also prospected the research of mxenes the application of synchrotron radiation. Although the surface modification groups intercalation of mxenes have important influence on their structures applications the research on the influence of single modification group is still limited to theoretical calculation. Therefore it is necessary to develop new preparation methods subsequent treatment methods to synthesize mxenes with specific surface groups. In order to achieve the selective intercalation of specific intercalation agents more in-depth research is needed on the regulation of intercalation spacing. On the other h the breakthrough of mxenes in various fields is also very important. At the same time due to the development of synchrotron radiation light source the higher requirements for the structure mechanism of mxenes in addition to synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopy many other characterization methods technical means based on synchrotron radiation light source need to be further developed for the in-depth study of mxenes such as synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy synchrotron radiation infrared spectroscopy synchrotron radiation near atmospheric pressure optoelectronic spectroscopy We also use energy spectrum other techniques.

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