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Advanced materials: stable Rh (IV) oxide for alkaline her

wallpapers News 2020-08-12

in order to deal with the global energy shortage environmental pollution researchers in various countries are committed to research develop a variety of new energy technologies. Hydrogen is becoming a research hotspot because of its high energy density green combustion products. Hydrogen production from electrolytic water (her) is considered to be an effective clean method to obtain hydrogen. Although the activity of acidic her is several orders of magnitude higher than that of basic her because of the mild reaction conditions of basic her water electrolysis is often used in industry to produce hydrogen in alkaline environment. Different from the acidic her reaction mechanism alkaline her is not only the adsorption process of protons but also the decomposition of water molecules into protons hydroxyl. Therefore although PT is recognized as the most excellent her catalyst its catalytic activity of basic her is far less than that of acidic her due to its poor ability of cracking water. Therefore it is a difficult problem to develop efficient alkaline her catalyst for hydrogen production from industrial water electrolysis. The metal cations non-metal anions in noble metal oxides can synergistically decompose water have high surface energy can effectively adsorb protons. Therefore noble metal oxides have great application potential in efficient alkaline her. However noble metal oxides will reduce to pure metal state under her working potential so it is a challenging problem for noble metal oxides to work stably continuously in the field of alkaline her.

Professor Du Xiwen's team of Tianjin University used a unique strawberry like structure to embed rho2 into RH substrate realized the continuous stable work of rho2 in alkaline electrolytic hydrogen production through strain engineering strategy.

the research team first found that compressive strain can effectively improve the stability of noble metal oxides optimize their catalytic performance for her through theoretical calculation so the author used rhodium (RH) as the model material to prepare a unique strawberry like structure (slnp) of rho2 embedded in RH substrate by laser liquid phase ablation of RH target in water. Due to the lattice mismatch between rho2 Rh rho2 is more stable There is a compressive strain in the lattice. In 1m Koh slnp showed excellent catalytic performance for her. The overpotential at 10 Ma cm-2 was only 14 MV the Tafel slope was only 30 mV / DEC which was much better than that of commercial Pt / C. The current density of the catalyst only decreased by 3.9% after 50 h continuous operation. Subsequently the in situ synchrotron radiation characterization showed that slnp could stably catalyze her reaction its maximum stable working voltage could reach - 0.3 V (vs. rhe). This work proves that noble metal oxide is an excellent basic catalytic material for her strain engineering is an effective strategy to stabilize noble metal oxide under reduction potential.

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