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Daily Daintenance Of Hub Bearings

wallpapers News 2020-04-19

The hub bearings maintains the onerous duty of the car and is responsible for reducing the frictional resistance during chassis operation. Routine maintenance is indispensable. Once the hub bearing fails, the most direct cause will be noise, bearing heat, and other phenomena.

Remove the hub bearing:

1. Remove the decorative cover and dust cover of the hub axle head;

2. Remove the tire but do not damage the thread of tire bolt. If it is a disc brake, remove the curb, and then use a tool to remove the lock ring or lock pin.

3. Use special tools to remove the hub bearing;

4. Clean up the old grease, clean it with detergent, then dry it with a rag, and finally wipe the bearing cavity with a cloth.

5. Check the hub bearings and bearing races, and if cracks, fatigue spalling, and loose bearing rollers are found, the bearings should be replaced. If pitting is located on the bearings race, the bearings should also be replaced.

6. Check the fit between inner diameter of the bearings and the journal. The fit clearance should not be higher than 0.10mm. When measuring the journal, it should be measured at the upper and lower parts of vertical ground (this is the most significant wear part). If the fit clearance exceeds the specified service limit, the bearing should be replaced to restore the average fit clearance. Burrs and pits in the journal are not allowed to reduce the gap.

7. After all, parts meet the requirements, and the grease-coated inner shaft can be put into the hub.

8. Pay attention when applying grease; the amount of application is also required. It requires you to use from one end of the bearing to the other side of the bearing until it comes out, but do not apply too much in the cavity.

9. Reinstall the hub and the outer shaft onto the shaft diameter, screw the shaft head adjustment nut by hand, and then use shaft head wrench to tighten the adjustment nut to the specified torque. After tightening the nut, turn the hub a few times to see if the bearing is installed; on the other hand, make the bearing and seat ring fit properly by turning. At this time, the bearing is tightened correctly, and the wheel rotates freely without feeling the axial clearance.

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