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Laser & Photonics reviews: chiral second harmonic generation on nano paper cut surface

wallpapers News 2020-09-29
As one of the performance of optical chirality

circular dichroism (CD) refers to the difference in the absorption of left-hed right-hed circularly polarized light plays an important role in the symmetry analysis or screening of structures or molecules. In recent years the circular dichroism of nonlinear optical structures has attracted great interest. For example high second harmonic circular dichroism response can be achieved by skillfully designing the plane rotational symmetry of the super structured surface. However the chirality of two-dimensional (2D) structures is often limited by the mirror symmetry in the plane while the processing difficulty complexity of three-dimensional (3D) structures are very high. Therefore it is still a great challenge to design nonlinear optical structures with flexible response function.

Li Guixin research group of South University of science technology Li Jiafang research group of Beijing University of technology use the newly developed nano paper-cut technology based on focused ion beam to design manufacture the suspended 3D optical structure with triple rotational symmetry. While breaking the symmetry of mirror surface having linear circular dichroism we also observe the super strong broadb nonlinear circular dichroism close to 1 。

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