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Natural graphite comes in three forms, all of which are made from natural graphite materials

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Natural graphite
Natural graphite comes in three forms, all of which are made from natural graphite materials. The three graphite forms are amorphous graphite, flake graphite and crystalline vein graphite, each of which has unique properties that make them suitable for some specific applications.
What is amorphous graphite?
Amorphous graphite is usually formed by contact metamorphism between anthracite coal seams and metamorphic agents such as tectonic stress, magma, etc. The result is a microcrystalline ink, often referred to as amorphous ink.
In a few cases, regional metamorphism can result in amorphous graphite if a larger modifier contacts a seam of anthracite. However, such regional metamorphism is uncommon and is usually found as a single layer of graphite.
Because amorphous graphite is formed from a metamorphic coal seam of anthracite, graphite itself is a coal seam mineral (rather than a vein-like mineral).
As a coal seam mineral, the ash content of amorphous graphite is often higher than that of other kinds of natural graphite. This is the result of the deposition of other organic materials when the metamorphic agent interacts with anthracite. After all, the environment in which coal is produced is often rich in organic matter. In addition, the graphite material may be free or mechanically attached to quartz or other materials.
The addition of organic materials makes the amorphous graphite have the lowest graphite content among the three natural graphite. The crystallinity is poor, and once mined, the graphite content is usually between 20% and 40%. In contrast, other forms of natural graphite can contain up to 90 percent graphite.
Although all-natural graphite must be processed before use, amorphous graphite must undergo the most extensive processing due to its low graphite content.
How does amorphous graphite compare with other natural graphite?
Amorphous graphite is the lowest grade but the highest content of three kinds of natural graphite. It accounts for about half of the world's natural supply of graphite.
What are the good uses of amorphous ink?
Although not suitable for all uses, amorphous ink has many applications. Its high heat resistance makes it suitable for manufacturing, where it is commonly used in crucibles, molds, ladles, grooves and nozzles. Even the electrodes of many metallurgical furnaces and the linings of iron blast furnaces are made of amorphous ink.
In the production of steel, amorphous graphite can be used as a recarburizer to improve strength and durability.
In other industries, amorphous graphite is used to make brake linings, clutch materials, gaskets, and pencil leads. The lead of the pencil is usually made of the lowest quality amorphous ink, and this particular use is mainly found in China.
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