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What is Titanium powder?

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Titanium powder is a kind of metal powder with a wide range of uses. Titanium powder is a silver-gray irregular powder, has a large suction capacity, high temperature, or sparks under the condition of flammable. Titanium powder metallurgy (P/M) offers the possibility of manufacturing clean - or near-clean - shaped parts without the material losses and costs associated with machining complex parts from forged billets. Powders can be elemental blending or pre-alloying and then cured by metal injection molding, hot isostatic pressing, direct powder rolling, or laser engineering mesh forming.
How is Titanium Ti Powder produced?
The traditional titanium production technology is through the Kroll process, that is, in the presence of carbon in the presence of chlorinated titanium dioxide ore, TiCl4 is generated by the reaction with magnesium to form a titanium sponge. These processes occur at temperatures up to 1040°C. The particle size range of sponge particles is 45 ~ 180 μm, and the particle size within 150 μm is called "sponge particles".These tiny particles are irregularly shaped, porous, spongy and then the fine powder is mixed with an alloy additive; The green compaction was cold-pressed at 415 MPa and then vacuum-sintered at 1260 ° C to produce components of 99.5% density. Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) can further increase the density of these parts, making it more economical to produce parts than casting or forging parts, but the porosity present in the material reduces fatigue and fracture properties.
Applications of Titanium Ti Powder:
Titanium powder is used in pyrotechnic manufacturing to provide bright burning particles.
Titanium powder is also used in air purifiers (filter coatings), and in the film that is attached to building Windows that, when exposed to ultraviolet light (solar or artificial) or moisture in the air, produces highly reactive REDOX species, such as hydroxyl groups, that clean the air or keep window surfaces clean.
Titanium is used to make propeller shafts, rigging, and heat exchangers in desalination plants because it is not easily corroded by seawater. Titanium powder is also used in cold water heaters in saltwater aquariums, fishing lines, and diving knives. Titanium is used to make housing and other components for Marine surveillance deployments, as well as for scientific and military surveillance devices.
Titanium isotope
Naturally, occurring titanium comes in five stable isotopes, Ti is the most common (73.8% in natural abundance). At present, there are eleven radioactive isotopes of titanium, among which Ti (half-life 63 years), Ti (half-life 184.8 minutes), Ti (half-life 5.76 minutes) and Ti (half-life 1.7 minutes) are more stable. The remaining radioactive isotopes have a maximum half-life of 33 seconds, and most have half-lives of less than half a second. The atomic weight of titanium isotopes is 39.99 U (Ti) and 57.966 U (Ti). The most common stable isotope, Ti, decays mainly by electron capture as the isotope of element 21 (scandium). The next decay mode is beta decay and the product is an isotope of element 23 (vanadium).
Titanium powder Supplier
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