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Characteristics and performance analysis of Timken imported bearing

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Characteristics and performance analysis of Timken imported bearings I. types and characteristics of sliding Timken imported bearings
1. types of sliding Timken bearings

Or called radial sliding Timken bearing, 1. Sliding Timken bearing according to the load is divided into: centripetal sliding Timken bearing. It mainly receives radial load; The thrust sliding Timken bearing mainly receives axial load.

2. Sliding Timken bearings are suitable for low speed, high precision, heavy load and structural requirements.

Compared with sliding Timken bearing, rolling Timken bearing has rolling friction. Its contact surface is small (ball Timken bearing is point contact, roller Timken bearing is line contact), friction coefficient is small, heating is less; Less wear and tear, good precision and persistence; It is suitable for high speed operation. However, the bearing capacity is slightly poor and the vibration resistance is poor.

3. There are two kinds of centripetal sliding Timken bearings: integral and split.
II characteristics of sliding Timken bearing
Its large contact surface, simple structure, small volume, strong bearing capacity, good vibration resistance, but the friction coefficient is large, easy to heat, need plenty of lubrication, sliding Timken bearing is sliding friction. Suitable for low speed and heavy load.

Types and characteristics of rolling Timken bearings
I types of rolling Timken bearings
Rolling Timken bearings are usually classified according to the direction of load and the shape of rolling element
1. According to the load direction, it is divided into centripetal Timken bearing and thrust Timken bearing
2. According to the shape of rolling element, it is divided into ball Timken bearing and roller Timken bearing. Roller is divided into cylindrical roller, tapered roller, spherical roller and needle roller.


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