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Eliminate backward production capacity Several enterprises raised the listing price of TDI in August Supply increases PVC production fell month on month Calcium carbide Meeting of soda ash Association in Qingdao There is a price but no goods Pay close attention to the situation in Syria Liquid chlorine Market in August first suppressed and then rose Shortage of soda ash Market Four changes in sulfur market Supply shortage of soda ash market in 2013 Commissioning of primary reforming catalyst for ammonia synthesis natural gas Hubei chemical looks forward to perfecting the policy of phosphate resource tax Review of chemical industry trend in the first half of 2013 Policies to resolve overcapacity will be issued intensively The combination of sodium carbonate and chlor alkali by new ammonium chloride decomposition method Road asphalt The growth rate of plastic products export continued to decline Melamine in China Reduction of white oil production What is the sustained rebound of oil price Worry about the decrease of crude oil supply Demand pull September ushers in the peak season Titanium dioxide market fixed price consolidation in August Price stability stalemate High temperature power restriction affects start-up Tight supply boosts price of TDI Domestic demand determines the later trend of petrochemical industry Sulfur: frequent changes TDI rebound expectations should not be too high Hub Bearings AlN powder aluminum nit GaN Best Label Makers maker. The Smart Bottle INA Roller WSBC Bearing boron powder,Trunnano Shortage of methanol supply in mainstream ports This year Synthetic ammonia price fell DuPont titanium dioxide price increases twice in three months Economic operation analysis of petrochemical industry from January to August Domestic sulfur recovery capacity will be expanded in the future The price of soda ash remains stable after the festival The State Council solves the problem of over capacity caustic soda Weak demand downstream Amorphous Boron Powder Tapered roller bearings Trunnano aerogel
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