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Spherical graphite has broad application prospects

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Overview of spherical graphite
Spherical graphite is made of high-quality high-carbon natural flake graphite as raw material, and the graphite surface is modified by advanced processing technology to produce graphite products with different fineness and shape like oval spheres. The appearance color is gray black or steel gray, with metallic powder.
Application of spherical graphite
Compared with soft carbon and hard carbon, graphite materials, especially natural graphite materials, have obvious advantages in terms of capacity, first Coulomb efficiency, discharge curve platform, and cost. Therefore, it is currently one of the focuses of the research and development of lithium-ion battery materials. Spherical graphite is mainly used as anode material for lithium-ion batteries and raw material for fuel cell plates, and high-purity natural graphite is used as raw material to produce lithium-ion battery anodes.
Spherical graphite application prospects
It is estimated that by 2022, my country's new energy vehicle production and sales volume will be at least 2 million, and the world's electric vehicle production is expected to exceed 6 million, and it is estimated that 900,000 to 1.08 million tons of spherical graphite will be needed. According to media reports, some countries have successively released timetables for stopping the sale of fuel vehicles. In 2030, global passenger car production will reach 100 million units. If 50% of fuel vehicles are converted to electric passenger vehicles, the amount of spherical graphite anode materials will be 15 million tons, which is about 12 times the global graphite output in 2016.
In short, with the enhancement of environmental protection concepts, the demand for spherical graphite in the future will increase exponentially or even hundreds of times. Spherical graphite has broad application prospects.
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