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The development history of FAG bearings

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The FAG brand is also inspired by a genius. As early as 1883, in the small town of Schweinfurt, Germany, Friedrich Fischer designed a special steel ball grinder, which made it possible for the first time to use a grinding process to produce a completely spherical steel ball. This invention is considered to be the cornerstone of the rolling bearing industry. This is why FAG has been used as a rolling bearing technology for a long time. And has become one of the leading brands in machinery manufacturing, automobile industry and aerospace technology. At present, it develops and produces high-quality rolling bearings, joint bearings, sliding bearings and linear motion products of INA and FAG brands worldwide. It provides approximately 40,000 standard products for more than 60 industrial industries and numerous automotive applications. Clutch system, transmission system and torque damper represent the outstanding innovation ability, high attention to customers and extremely high quality standards of many products in the field of automotive powertrain.
Since 2001, FAG bearings have played an active and important role in the group's aerospace, automotive and industrial fields, covering all applications in the production machinery, power transmission and railway, heavy industry and consumer goods industries.
FAG bearings produce all kinds of ball bearings and roller bearings with outer diameters from 3 mm to 4.25 meters, including standard products based on samples and non-standard products based on special requirements of users.
FAG black series ball bearings consist of a bearing seat and corresponding ball bearings. Such products are particularly suitable for applications in agricultural machinery, drive technology, pumps, and the steel industry. It has the following characteristics: The bearing seat ruler is manufactured in strict accordance with the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS B 1559. The gray cast iron bearing seat is painted black. The radial seat spherical ball bearing is based on the 62 series of ball bearings. The black oxide on the bearing surface is greatly enhanced. Corrosion resistance, the aperture size series includes metric and imperial systems, and lip seals are used.

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