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6 things you must know before traveling to Bhutan


You may never have thought of traveling to Bhutan, but if one day you really plan to set off for this sacred country, don't miss the information below. This is the information we put together after our personal visit, you will definitely find it useful!

1. Plan Your Bhutan Trip - Visa

Many tourists mistakenly think that the procedures for obtaining a Bhutan tourist visa are complicated and expensive, but this is not the case. The visa itself is only $40, but it must be applied for through an accredited travel agency, and only bank transfers are accepted, not credit cards. After paying the full travel and visa fees to the travel agent, the authorities will complete the visa process for you within 72 hours.

*Passengers with Indian, Maldivian or Bangladeshi nationality are exempted from this restriction, they do not need to book the itinerary through a travel agency, they can book air tickets, transportation and accommodation by themselves.

2. Airfare to Bhutan

A travel agent will usually book your ticket on Bhutan Airways or Royal Bhutan Airways. International flights will depart from Bangkok, Mumbai, Singapore, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Kolkata, Dhaka, Gaya, Baga Dogra, and Guwahati. The actual flight you take will depend on the departure date.

Tip 1: Choose the left window seat for the outgoing journey and the right seat for the return journey, so you can enjoy the unparalleled view of the Himalayas! Also, remember to avoid the emergency aisle seats near the wings, or your view will be blocked!

3. Consumption in Bhutan: cash is king!

Be sure to exchange US dollars or Indian rupees for Bhutanese Nuzam (BTN/Nu.) before arriving at Paro Airport. While credit cards are gaining popularity, cash is still the most common method of transaction in the area. Passengers can withdraw cash from ATMs of local banks, but the bank will charge a handling fee. Foreign currency exchange shops are rarely seen in Bhutanese towns and cities, and cash machines are often not functioning properly.

Although tipping is not mandatory in Bhutan, it is normal for tour guides and drivers to tip a little; the general practice is to leave the tip in an envelope to each other.

The service charge in restaurants and restaurants is as high as 20%, and there is no need to tip unless you are very satisfied with the service.

Tips for guided tours in Bhutan:

Drivers: $5 per person per day, depending on their performance

Guided tours: $10 per person per day, depending on their performance

Walking Tour Chef: $7 per person per day, depending on their performance

Walking Handyman and other accompanying staff: USD 5 per person per day

4. Dress conservatively

Never wear tank tops, shorts, clothes that expose your chest, and no slippers!

Bhutan is a conservative and highly religious country. The local traditional men's clothing is called gho, and the traditional women's clothing is called Kira, both of which are covered with multiple layers of material, of which only men can expose their knees and calves.

Due to the conservative local folk customs, it is recommended that you wear multiple layers of light and light material clothes. You can add or subtract clothes at any time no matter whether the weather is hot or cold, so as to adapt to various kinds of weather. Remember to cover your arms and legs when visiting local temples, and ladies do not expose the skin below the neck.

When traveling to Bhutan, special attention should be paid to the choice of shoes! Everyone who travels in Bhutan will be walking or hiking most of the time, so it is recommended to bring two pairs of sports shoes, one pair for activities with high exercise demands, and one pair for daily activities.

5, remember to bring sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses

Due to the dry high altitudes, the air in Bhutan is cold and windy, and spending too much time outdoors like us is prone to chapped lips. Even if we apply lip balm a lot, our lips still don't stay moist, so it's okay to apply a little more. Moisturizer, sunscreen and good quality sunglasses are just as important. Bhutan is the closest place to heaven and the sun, which is fierce, so don’t skimp on these essentials.

6. Domestic data and wireless network in Bhutan

Travelers who are accustomed to surfing the Internet on a daily basis may wish to purchase a SIM card at a convenience store in Bhutan. The price of data plans is usually very reasonable, if you don't understand, let the tour guide choose it for you. We stayed for a week and spent about $15 for 2.5GB of data, which in retrospect was way too much. Most hotels and accommodations also offer WiFi, so don't worry.

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6 things you must know before traveling to Bhutan

You may never have thought of traveling to Bhutan, but if oneday you really plan to set off for this sacred country, don't miss theinformation below. This is the information we put together after our personalvisit, you will definitely find it useful!…

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